Dragon City Hack 2013

Dragon City Hack v3.0

[box]This is the latest working Dragon City Hack  cheat tool which have the following cheats features:

Generate unlimited gems, generate unlimited golds, generate unlimited foods to your dragon city game instantly and for free. You can immediately use your gems and golds generated by this Dragon City Hack Tool to buy dragons such as legend, dark, metal, ice, electric, nature, sea, flame, Terra dragons and to buy all habitats, buildings, decorations and island expands that is available to your current level.

This Dragon City Cheats are guaranteed 100% undetected and virus free. Download this amazing Dragon City Cheat tool now.

dragon city cheats



  • Dragon City Gold Hack
  • Dragon City Food Hack
  • Dragon City Gems Hack
  • Dragon City Legendary Dragon Generator
  • Dragon City Energy Generator
  • Dragon City Secret Cheats
  • Auto Facebook Account Detection (No Need Facebook Password )
  • All major browsers are compitable
  • Application in Windows and Mac Operating system


How To Use:

  •  Open Dragon City game on Facebook.
  •  Open Dragon City  Hack tool, then choose your browser
  •  Tick accept all gifts from facebook page.
  •  Input desired values of gold, food, gems.
  •  Press START.

See the below video for more on how to use dragon city cheats generator.




Q: Is it safe? Will I get ban from using this hack?

A: Its 100% safe. It just replace some part of the game data which is totally undetectable. It also offers an abuse protection which stop the hack when the limit is reach.

Q: What’s the limit of this hack?

A: 500 gems is the limit. Once you reach that limit, gem hack will stop working. You need to wait for 1 week for the gem hack to work again. Food and Gold hack will still work. You can use the Food and Gold Hack for as many times as you want. Only the Gem hack will not work even if you put an amount on the Gem.

Q: Why only 500 gems?

A: 500 gems is the safest. We already tried several values, but values greater than 500 gems triggers some inconsistency on the data that may lead to detection of the hack. 1 week waiting period is also needed since Social Point do a test every week.


Video Proof:

Dragon city hack | Dragon city cheats [ Huge… by dm_51966f28310d0


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